Our Story

Hello there and welcome to Sew Mako! We are a small, privately owned little online shop dedicated to creating fun, limited, hand-made, one-of-a-kind products! Based out of Florida, our passion of travel and love of the ocean and nature is the inspiration for much of our creativity. Through colorful prints and useful patterns, we hope to bring a smile to your face! We work from home in a pet-friendly environment where every product is custom made with love and attention to detail. 


Let’s Meet Our Team!


Hi! My name is Kim and I am the proud owner and sewer of Sew Mako. I have been crafting since as long as I can remember, excited to turn something already beautiful, into something more. As a geology major, avid ocean/nature lover and former photographer turned sewer, I often get inspired by my surroundings and look for ways to incorporate the beauty and colors I’ve seen into my work. Learning how to sew ignited me to take this passion one step further by having the opportunity to make handheld products, in hopes it brings others as much joy that I have while making it! Not every stitch will be perfect, and no two pieces of work are identical, and that’s what I love about art, it’s always an original piece!



Hi, I’m Sandi, a firm believer that creativity and art is essential to a happy and balanced life. Creating fun items with fabric is my outlet for bringing soft and colorful art into our daily lives. I started sewing in high school by making my own one-of-a-kind sundresses, surfer shirts and bathing suits. When we became parents, I loved making clothes, quilts and nursery decorations for our baby sons. As they got older, I made Halloween costumes and school spirit items. Now I love making fabric gifts that reflect the individual interests of family and friends. I’m so happy to be part of my beautiful daughter-in-law’s unique and creative shop.


 Be Safe, Be Fun, Be Creative!



Your Sew Mako Team